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Living Waters Church, an evangelical, interdenominational, charismatic church in Shelbyville, KY is an ARC Family church.  Prioritizing top-quality student ministry has become a strong conviction of the Board of Elders and Deacons.  We are looking for an exemplary man or woman who senses God’s call to minister to Middle and High School students.

The ideal candidate will have a proficient understanding of the challenges young people face in today’s culture as well as compassion toward their struggles, fears, and needs. He or she will be able to apply God’s Word to today’s cultural challenges and help students develop their own spiritual and moral convictions based on God’s truths. We are looking for an innovative leader who loves God and is passionate about reaching young people in creative and effective ways for Christ’s Kingdom.  The new Student Minister will be a self-starter who enjoys developing effective ministry both within the church family and out in the community.

We are strategically planning for the new Student Minister to spend approximately 40% of his/her time discipling our church family students and approximately 40% of his/her time developing outreach ministry in the community with public school students.  Serving with other church ministry teams in various activities and capacities will fill approximately 20%.  In general, we see this new staff position being both a “pastor” to students of church families, and a “missionary” to public school students.

The Student Ministry is a ministry within the larger vision of Family Ministry. We believe that parents hold the greatest opportunity on the earth – to disciple their children in the Kingdom of God.  We are designing our family ministry so that it connects church with the home.  We believe that parents are the first curriculum for the maturity growth in all areas of a young person’s life.  Yet God gives the church family the instruction to join in with parents to teach them the Word of God with all diligence (Deuteronomy 6:7).

Our Family Ministry is intergenerational (connecting all generations together) and provides specific age-appropriate discipleship opportunities in all phases and transitions of a young person’s life.  Our Family Ministry empowers marriages to be better than ever as men and women are discipled to be more like Christ.  We also believe the younger generation needs the Encore generation as encouragers and mentors.  The Student Ministry will encourage parents, support children’s ministry, and connect to the Encore generation. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!

Student Minister Responsibilities:

  • Provide comprehensive oversight to the Student Ministry of Living Waters Church.
  • Plan and implement a weekly gathering that ensures a personal experience in worship, prayer, and a presentation of the Word that challenges a lifestyle of biblical character and Godly values.
  • Coordinate the enlisting, discipling, and motivating of adults to serve in student ministry. Prayerfully choose and challenge potential students to leadership and service roles and responsibilities as they explore their callings in a “freedom to fail” environment.
  • Provide Pastoral Care for the youth, their families, and leaders who comprise the Student Ministry Family.
  • Plan and implement other activities such as fellowships, concerts, parties, etc. regularly outside the weekly meetings.
  • Support and serve our urban ministry to students, Fathers Love, on a consistent basis.
  • Connect with other student ministers in the area for mutual encouragement and networking to impact the community more effectively.
  • Develop networks with community leaders and public school employees in order to initiate or serve outreach ministries in the community and public school realm.
  • Build relationships with public school students whose families do not have a church home.  Share the love of Christ and offer discipleship opportunities to connect them to the larger family at Living Waters.
  • Design ministry that connects and assists other generations:  parents, spiritual grandparents, and children’s ministry.
  • Support and serve the staff of the church as special church-wide events and ministries arise.

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