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Joy Community Church Staff Position

Position: Executive Pastor

Summer 2023

Ministry Expectation: This is a full time staff position of 40-45 hours per week. The Executive Pastor will receive 90 day evaluations with an annual review.

Purpose: The Executive Pastor’s purpose is to provide: administration, oversight, coordination for the staff and ministries of Joy Community Church. This position is responsible for providing oversight for the day-to-day management and operations of the facility, grounds, finances, and implementation of policies and systems to help Joy Community Church function effectively. The Executive Pastor will assist in communicating, implementing, designing, evaluating, and leading various initiatives that are mission and vision related. This position will be responsible for the oversight of the administration staff. The Executive Pastor is called to foster open communication, cooperation, and a team atmosphere when interacting with elders, staff, and ministry leadership.

The person filling this position must be able to:

1.       This position requires the person to assist the Lead Pastor in leading, training, implementing policies, procedures, and communications to staff, leadership and congregation members.

2.      This position requires the individual to maintain professionalism and confidentiality regarding the day-to-day function and personal affairs of Joy Community Church.

3.      This position requires the person to value servant leadership, open communication, team ministry, and equipping.

4.      This position requires the leader to keep a pulse on the morale and organization of both staff and leadership overseeing ministry teams, activities, and programs of Joy Community Church.

5.      This position will assist in the administrating of the various systems and processes to bring clarity, movement, alignment, and focus to the mission of Joy Community Church. “Our mission is to make devoted followers of Jesus who are transformed by God’s hope, love and purpose.”

The position of Executive Pastor is viewed as a critical leadership role and you are encouraged to live a life worthy of your calling, representing Christ and His church well in all environments.

Organizational Relationships:

The Executive Pastor will be responsible to report weekly to the Lead Pastor who will provide guidance, supervision, and reviews for this position. The Executive Pastor will be asked to co-lead the weekly staff life and to contributing input, and assistance as agreed upon by the Lead Pastor.

Responsibilities / Duties:

1.    Oversee and administrate all aspects of the facility, finances, church policy, support staff, communication and church records.

2.    To assist the Lead Pastor in coordinating, providing assistance, and managing the church and church staff on a daily basis.

3.    To assist the Lead Pastor in providing administration for future building programs, fund-raising, and vision-casting events or activities.

4.    Lead, recruit, encourage, equip, and resource the support staff, leaders and volunteers of the administration ministry.

5.    To provide pulpit ministry, teaching and resourcing when directed by Lead Pastor.

6.    To assist and provide support for the Lead Pastor, staff, and leadership team in developing, recommending, and implementing strategies for the future of finances, accounts, ministry, and program development.

7.    Coordinate areas of communication, technical, creativity, connections, hospitality, announcements, service hosts, and fellowship portions of weekend services.

8.    Coordinate and oversee various conferences, seminars, and workshops with various leaders and guest ministries.

9.    Coordinate, organize, purchase, inventory, various supplies that will support, resource and enhance the functioning, and administration of church facilities and ministries.

10.  Provide organization, coordination, communication, and implementation of church calendar between elders, staff, and ministry leadership to provide clarity.

11.  Provide oversight and manage various aspects of set up & tear down, cleanliness, maintenance, repairs, design, remodeling, and organization of church property, buildings, furnishings, and equipment.

12.  Provide the administration for the day-to-day, and yearly financial responsibilities of book keeping, banking, budgeting, reimbursement process, check distribution to staff, ministry leaders, various suppliers, and companies, and auditing of church books, budgets, and financial team.

13.  The Executive Pastor is also responsible for all facility related budgets.

14.  Provide guidance, leadership, communication, decision making regarding the facilities of the

Gerhardt Neighborhood Outreach Center (our ministry and outreach building).

15.  To provide leadership to those attending our internship programs.


This position requires the following set of qualifications; however it is also understood that a complete meeting of these standards may not always be possible.

1.      Spiritual

a)     Confessed salvation and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.

b)    Confessed experience of baptism by water and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

c)     A mature believer with an understanding of Joy Community Church’s doctrines of faith.

d)    Awareness of spiritual gifts and their impact and expression through personal life and ministry.

e)    The Executive Pastor should have some of these Spiritual Gifts: Pastor, Leadership, Administration, Exhortation, and Serving.

2.      Education & Experience

a)     Completion of High School or equivalent.

b)     College focus or training related to church administration in the areas of finances, organizational systems, process, design, facilities, and human resources.

c)     Some talent or skills in the areas of organizational skills, people skills, communication, computer skills, and large event planning.

d)    Possessing a personal desire to be a life-long learner and a teachable spirit.

3.      General

a)    Should exhibit a dependable, discreet, friendly, professional attitude and manner when interacting with those requiring leadership and assistance.

b)    The Executive Pastor should be accessible and available to oversee, direct, and guide the various leaders and volunteers requiring administrative assistance.

c)     The position is expected to participate in weekly staff and leadership meetings, trainings, conferences, and personal development.

d)    The Executive Pastor should be both efficient and excellent in the communication, execution and management of church ministry.

To apply for this job email your details to annie.canon@joycc.info