Assistant Pastor of Worship and Youth

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Position:    Assistant Pastor of Worship & Youth

Ministry Expectations:  This is a full-time staff position of 40 plus hours per week.  We are asking applicants to be willing to make a minimum two-year commitment.

Purpose:  This position exists to oversee, administer, and direct both Worship and Youth Ministries of Joy Community Church.  The Assistant Pastor of Worship and Youth would be required to represent these ministries at a staff level and facilitate a connection between both ministries and other ministries of Joy Community Church in a spirit of unity. They are to ensure safe, creative, relevant and effective programs that foster Christ-like discipleship.

The person filling this position must be able:

To expand the Kingdom of God through serving the Lord at Joy Community Church, supporting the church’s health and growth.
To be responsible to recruit, equip, and develop leaders who have the character, spiritual gifts, and abilities to minister effectively on our worship and youth ministry teams and to lead them to reach their full potential.
To assist the pastor in directing the weekend meetings while creating the best possible musical and spiritual atmosphere for the congregation to worship and experience the Lord’s presence.
To have the spiritual, emotional and moral pulse of those involved in our worship and youth ministries and to nurture their growth.
To partner with our parents to lead their youth to live a Christ-surrendered life.
To be responsible for upholding and creating relationships, programs, activities, and classes that support Joy Community Church’s vision: Impacting our community for God’s glory through creative, compassionate ministry and outreach.
The position of Assistant Pastor of Worship & Youth is viewed as a critical leadership role and you are encouraged to be a good example to all and to live a life worthy of your calling, representing Christ and His church well in all environments.

Organizational Relationships:

The Assistant Pastor of Worship and Youth will be responsible to meet weekly with the Lead Pastor who will provide guidance, reviews and supervision for this position.  The Assistant Pastor of Worship and Youth will be asked to participate in the daily staff -life and to contribute team assistance as needed.


Responsibilities / Duties:

The Assistant Pastor of Worship and Youth will perform and minister all duties necessary to accomplish the following tasks:

1.       Oversee and coordinate all aspects of Worship & Youth Ministries, being conscious of keeping current with best practices and connected to those involved in both ministries.

2.       Lead, encourage, equip, and resource team members, students, and parents.

3.       Develop team-based ministry that provides support, encouragement, resources, appreciation, and evaluation to its participants.

4.       Recruit, screen, and orient new volunteers for Worship and Youth Ministries.

5.       Be responsible to develop budgets and manage the disbursement of funds for supplies, resources, equipment, and projects.

6.       Plan and lead worship in a God-centered, contemporary style for weekend services, special occasions, leadership meetings, conferences, prayer weekends, and outreaches.

7.       Develop various aspects of a vibrant music department including: praying for our worship ministry, maintaining current song lists, ensuring compliance with copyright laws, maintaining and updating a music library, scheduling and directing weekly and special rehearsals, selecting music, special groups and soloists, and those offering other artistic elements (dance, drama, video).

8.       Provide leadership, communication, and pastoral care for our worship, technical, media, and creative arts teams.

9.       Oversight and responsibility for equipment and musical instruments of the Worship and Youth Ministries. (ie. purchases, maintenance, and repairs).

10.   Provide pastoral care for the needs and interests of teens of Joy Community Church through prayer, communication, visitation, small groups, large meetings, and one on one impartation.

11.   Provide Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, relevant, youth-focused opportunities for the youth to participate so they may develop into mature disciples.

12.   Provide an atmosphere of cooperation with all other ministries of Joy Community Church.

13.   Carry out other assignments as designated by the Lead Pastor.


This position requires the following set of qualifications.  However, it is also understood that a complete meeting of all of these standards may not always be possible.

The candidate should:

a)       Confess salvation and an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ through personal devotion, worship and prayer.

b)      Confess an experience of baptism by water and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

c)       Be a mature believer with an understanding of and agreement with Joy Community Church’s doctrines.

d)      Have an awareness of spiritual gifts and their impact and expression in personal life and ministry.

e)       Possess some of these Spiritual Gifts: Leadership, Pastor/Shepherd, Exhortation, Administration, Teaching.

Education & Experience
The candidate should:

a)       Have completed High School or equivalent

b)      College focus or training related to Worship and Youth Ministry

c)       Personal experience with Worship and Youth in a church environment and in leadership settings.

d)      Display skills in some of these areas: voice, musicianship, arrangement, writing, directing, communication, team building, organization, and care of people.

e)       Possess a personal desire to be a life-long learner and to maintain a teachable spirit.


The candidate should:

a)       Exhibit a dependable, expressive, compassionate, consistent personality that is comfortable in public and social settings.

b)      Have a passion for exalting God, and influencing the lost through worship and the Word.

c)       Have a heart for youth and their unique needs; desiring to see each tap into their God-given potential.

d)      Embrace the Joy Community Church family and be a vital part of it.

e)       Be committed to purity and healthy relationships (with spouse and family if applicable).

f)       Be passionate about influencing and affecting the congregation and youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.







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