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Teacher Job Description
General Description:
The Head of School hires the teacher year-to-year to guide and support Houghton Academy students’ learning.
Ministry Description Summary:
The Houghton Academy teacher has a calling to serve God as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is
assured of personal worth and professional competence, both being in balance with the Scriptures; who leads a
consecrated life before the Lord, co-workers, students, and parents, and is a committed follower of Jesus Christ.
The teacher shows a high degree of professionalism and responsibility in fulfilling their ministry as an
employee of Houghton Academy.
Reports to:
Head of School
The Head of School evaluates the teacher’s performance regularly and annually, per Houghton Academy’s
Teacher Ministry Evaluation System (TMES), as articulated in the appendix of the Employee Handbook and
this job description.
Spiritual and Educational Requirements:
● a clear and articulate testimony and commitment to being an active disciple of Jesus Christ
● abides by and supports the Houghton Academy Lifestyle Statement, Declaration of Moral Integrity, and
all policies articulated in the employee handbook as well as the school handbook
● graduate from a regionally accredited or ACSI-recognized college/university
● ACSI certifiable as a teacher in the subject area taught
Primary Job Functions and Expectations:
While ensuring alignment with the Academy’s Essential Agreements of pedagogy as a guide to their teaching
methods, the functions of the teacher are as follows:
● Instructional Planning – use the school’s curriculum, effective strategies, resources, and data to meet
the needs of all students, naturally and effectively relating Christian faith to the course content.
● Instructional Delivery – effectively engages students in learning by using various instructional
strategies to meet individual learning needs, demonstrating critical thinking in matters of faith and
course content, and effectively assisting students in making connections between the course content and
Christian faith.
● Assessment of/for Learning – systematically gathers, analyzes, and uses data to measure student
progress, guide instruction, and provide timely feedback.
Teacher Job Description
● Learning Environment – uses resources, routines, and procedures to provide a respectful, positive, safe,
student-centered environment conducive to learning, establishing a climate that fosters faith integration.
● Professionalism – maintains a commitment to professional ethics, international mindedness, and the
school’s mission; takes responsibility for and participates in professional growth that enhances student
learning; demonstrates and models a Christian worldview that exhibits their work as an act of worship.
● Student Progress – work results in acceptable and measurable student progress.
Additional Responsibilities and Expectations of Living Curriculum Educators (LCEs):
● Parent Partner – respect and collaborate with parents, communicating early and often.
● Spiritual Health – passionately pursuing a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ.
● Relational – intentionally investing time in students and peers beyond the classroom, actively building
healthy relationships.
● Pursuing Excellence – frequently seeking feedback and embracing constructive criticism, open and
teachable as a lifelong learner.
● Service-Minded – identifying opportunities to contribute to fulfilling the Academy’s mission and
continual improvement.
● Positive – supportive of the Academy’s mission and promotes it enthusiastically, refusing to participate
in complaining or listening to gossip.
● Mature Culture – pursues restorative justice, so self-discipline and self-control dominate the Academy
● Responsible – readily take responsibility for motivating and inspiring themselves and others to pursue
the Academy’s mission and continual improvement.
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