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General Description:

The Academic Dean contributes to fulfilling Houghton Academy’s (HA) mission by implementing his/her relational and administrative skills to support faculty and HA students’ success and ongoing development. The Dean supports the Head of School (HoS) with oversight of all areas related to Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment, including, but not limited to, Academic Data Collection and Management, College Readiness of Students, and Standardized Testing Coordination.

Ministry Description Summary:

He/she has a calling in his/her heart to serve God as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is assured of his/her personal worth and professional competence, both in balance with the Scriptures, leads a consecrated life before the Lord, co-workers, students, and parents, and is a committed follower of Jesus Christ. He/she shows a high degree of professionalism and responsibility in fulfilling his/her ministry as an employee of Houghton Academy.

Reports to:

Head of School


The HoS evaluates the Dean’s performance per the HA Employee Manual and this job description.

Personal Qualifications:

commitment to live in a Christ-like manner
passion to support faculty and student success
commitment to accuracy and details
physical and mental stamina, as well as emotional stability
an ability to work well with the administrators, employees, students, and parents
Professional Qualifications

Master’s degree (preferred in Educational Leadership / Administration)
Christian school experience preferred
Teaching or school/college employment experience preferred
Ability to secure ACSI certification
Data management experience preferred
Project management skills
Strong knowledge of current educational trends, tools, and best practices


Policy Support:

The Dean supports the HoS in monitoring and developing school policies and ensuring compliance with governing authorities (e.g., ACSI).

Support and ensure the HA academic program, personnel, and students comply with HA policies.
Identify areas for academic improvement and possible solutions, and recommend updates and improvements to current procedures and policies to the Head of School.
Assist the HoS in ensuring that HA fully complies with the expectations of our accreditors (i.e., ACSI/MSA) and the New York State Department of Non-Public Schools regarding all academic matters (i.e., not responsible for health and safety requirements).

The Dean supports the HoS in supporting, monitoring, and meeting faculty members’ needs to ensure HA’s mission fulfillment.

Support the HoS in ensuring all teachers are engaged in continual personal and professional development.
Support the HoS in a data-driven, measurable teacher and staff performance evaluation system.
Conduct regular and effective faculty meetings focused on collaboration, data reviews, instruction, assessment, curriculum, and learning environment improvements in collaboration with the HoS.
Co-interview all prospective teaching applicants with the HoS.
Oversee and manage student disciplinary programs/issues in collaboration with the Boarding Program Director as appropriate.
Ensure the HA curriculum’s ongoing review, evaluation, development, and improvement.
Provide oversight and coordination for activities and programs that are outgrowths of the school’s curriculum (e.g., field trips, Ignite Week).

The Dean maintains and fosters healthy and mission-critical relationships to better support the HoS, faculty, students, and the ongoing continual improvement of HA.

Serve as a member of the Leadership Team.
Serve as the School Improvement Team chair, supporting the HoS to ensure ongoing progress of the Continuous School Improvement Plan.
Collaborate with the Spiritual Life Director to ensure ongoing development of opportunities for students to engage in spiritual maturation.
Serve as the lead campus administrator when the HoS is off campus or unable to fulfill his/her role (e.g., illness).
Represent the school at parent, church, and community groups as needed.
Be available to meet parents and other interested people.
Respond promptly to all parent, student, or teacher concerns and inquiries regarding academics or curriculum.
Academic Data, Records, and Communication:

The Dean manages student records, ensures compliance with regulations, and facilitates efficient enrollment processes. This position requires a detail-oriented individual with strong organizational and communication skills. The Dean is a key liaison between students, parents, faculty, and administrative staff.

Serve as a primary point of contact for inquiries related to student records and re-enrollment procedures.
Communicate with parents, students, and relevant staff regarding re-enrollment deadlines, academic records, and other related matters.
Stay informed about relevant educational regulations and ensure that the school’s enrollment and record-keeping practices comply with local, state, and federal requirements.
Collaborate with administration to implement changes in policies and procedures as needed.
Re-Enrollment and Registration:
Assist the Admissions Director in coordinating and overseeing the student re-enrollment and registration process.
Register new and returning students into individualized class schedules..
Generate and provide reports on student enrollment, attendance, and academic performance as required by the HoS.
Prepare statistical and analytical reports to support decision-making processes.
Collaborate with academic staff to create and maintain class schedules, ensuring optimal resource use and meeting students’ educational needs.
Assist in resolving scheduling conflicts and make adjustments as necessary.
Student Records Management:
Maintain accurate and up-to-date student records, including academic transcripts, attendance records, and other relevant documents.
Prepare and update as needed Individual Learning Plans for each high school.
Ensure compliance with data protection laws and school policies regarding the confidentiality and security of student information.
Transcript Processing:
Process requests for student transcripts, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
Collaborate with academic departments to compile and update transcripts with relevant academic information.
College Readiness of Students:

The Dean is pivotal in assisting students in their academic and personal development, focusing on post-secondary education and career planning. This involves guiding students through the college application process, providing information on career options, and offering support in making informed decisions about their future. The Dean is a mentor and advisor to help students achieve their academic and career goals.

Career Exploration:
Facilitate career assessments and discussions to help students identify their strengths, interests, and potential career paths.
Organize career fairs, guest speaker sessions, and other events to expose students to various professions.
College Application Support:
Guide students through the college application process, including preparing application materials, writing personal statements, and understanding admission requirements.
Coordinate and conduct workshops on standardized testing (e.g., SAT), college essay writing, and interview preparation.
College Counseling:
Provide individual and group counseling to students on college and career choices, academic planning, and goal setting.
Assist students in researching and selecting suitable colleges or vocational programs based on their interests, academic achievements, and career aspirations.
College Partnerships:
Build and maintain relationships with college admissions representatives, attending college fairs, and arranging campus visits for students.
Stay informed about changes in college admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and trends in higher education.
Financial Aid Assistance:
Inform students and families about financial aid options, scholarships, grants, and the application process.
Assist in completing financial aid forms and provide information on available resources for funding higher education.
Support and guide students facing personal challenges or crises that may impact their academic or career goals.
Collaborate with other student support services to address mental health and well-being.
Parent and Community Engagement:
Conduct informational sessions and workshops for parents to enhance their understanding of the college application process and available resources.
Collaborate with community organizations and businesses to create internship or job-shadowing opportunities for students.
Standardized Testing Coordination:

The Dean is responsible for planning, organizing, and administering various standardized assessments and examinations within the school. This requires meticulous attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and effective communication with students, faculty, and external testing agencies. The Dean ensures a smooth and fair testing process for all students, adhering to established guidelines and protocols.

Communicate test dates, procedures, and relevant information to students, parents, and faculty.
Serve as the point of contact for testing logistics and accommodations inquiries.
Test Administration:
Oversee the setup and administration of assessments, ensuring a secure and controlled testing environment.
Train and supervise test proctors to follow testing protocols and maintain test security.
Test Planning and Coordination:
Collaborate with school administrators, teachers, and external testing agencies to develop a comprehensive schedule.
Coordinate logistics for various assessments, including standardized tests and school-wide assessments.

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