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The role of the Senior Pastor is to provide spiritual and pastoral leadership to the congregation of the Covenant Church of Thomaston. The Senior Pastor is first personally responsible to God, then to the Church Board and the congregation. The Senior Pastor is a member in good standing of the ministerium of the Evangelical Covenant Church and functions in consistency with its Rules for the Ordered Ministry and its Ethical Principles for Covenant Ministers. The Senior Pastor leads in accord with the Covenant Affirmations and the Constitution and bylaws of this congregation. The Senior Pastor serves as the visible, visionary leader of the congregation and helps it to recognize and to accomplish God’s purposes by example, by preaching and teaching, and by discipling the congregation.

Education and Training

Should have a Master of Divinity or other advanced degree targeted for ministry which meets the qualifications for ordination in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Primary Responsibilities and Tasks of the Senior Pastor

·       Provide spiritual leadership to the members of the congregation through worship, leadership, preaching, prayer, and teaching of the Word.

·       Commit the necessary time to prayer and the study of Scripture to prepare for weekly services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and other periodic training.

·       Teach weekly Discipleship/Confirmation (D/C) classes for grades 7 and 8, investing in the spiritual formation of the youth of the church.

·       Lead the congregation in a life of service and prayer.

·       Administer the Sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and Holy Baptism in accordance with the practice of the ECC.

·       Provide pastoral care to those in need or in personal crisis through counseling, prayer, and visitation.

·       Serve as head of the pastoral leadership team, working in collaboration with other members of the team to ensure the doctrinal integrity of the church and providing general oversight regarding the responsibilities and development of staff and volunteers.

·       Communicate vision and work to build and maintain unity in the church by motivating the congregation to actively support the church’s mission, vision, purpose, and direction.

·       Build relationships in the community and with other clergy, and invest in Kingdom-building work in the local community.

·       Lead the church in a public witness through ministries of compassion and justice.

·       Continually challenge all members of this faith community in existing and new ministries, as led by the Holy Spirit, and lead the congregation in fulfilling our church’s mandate to be a witness for Christ.

·       Oversee the administration of official church records and/or ministerial acts, as necessary.

Strengths and Skills Needed

·       Strong motivation to be a servant-leader who accepts responsibility to lead.

·       Strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills and abilities to connect with different types of people of all ages.

·       A team-oriented attitude, along with the flexibility and adaptability needed for an environment which is subject to spur-of-the-moment changes.

·       Strong organizational skills.

Personal Responsibilities

·       Have experienced and accepted God’s calling to assume the responsibilities of pastoring a small church.

·       Maintain and strengthen a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

·       Demonstrate an exemplary Christian life by modeling the attitudes, feelings, values, enthusiasm, and dedication which the pastor seeks to develop in the congregation.

·       Demonstrate real love and understanding for all people and have the ability to meet people where they are with sensitivity to their needs.

·       Support generously the financial needs of the church.


This is a full-time, salaried position.

Total Compensation Package

$65,000 – $85,000

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