Director of Youth and Children

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Position Title and Purpose:
The director of Youth and Children will oversee a comprehensive ministry of care and
discipleship for children, youth (Pre-k to 12 th grade) and the parents/guardians that care for
those at Christ Community Church (CCC), with an eye to reaching the Geneseo and surrounding
communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Position Summary:
20 hours a week with a one-year minimum requirement for the comprehensive oversight of this
demographic in our church and surrounding communities.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Maintaining a healthy relationship of accountability with the Lead Pastor through direct
communication and regularly scheduled meetings.
2. Taking responsibility for the planning, implementation, and oversight of the education,
fellowship and outreach of the children and youth of CCC and its surrounding
3. Demonstrating a collaborative attitude through the recruitment, training and evaluation
of children and youth ministry volunteers.
4. Speaking on behalf of and advocating for this ministry to the CCC family.
5. Maintaining and promoting an environment of safety in all ministry related situations.
a. Upholding the 2-adult policy whenever working with the children and youth.
b. Reviewing and improving as needed other safety policies (e.g., fire and
emergency procedures and drills).

6. Perform all administrative tasks associated with this position. Which includes, but not
limited to:
a. Keeping good attendance records
b. Communication with church secretary of all events and important dates.
c. Working with the Lead pastor to set and maintain the budgets for both the
children and youth ministries.
d. Overseeing the equipping of rooms and teachers to fulfill ministry goals.
e. Maintaining records of the ministry curriculum, including courses and
volunteers’ names.
f. Submitting reports for the three scheduled congregational meetings.
g. Exhibiting timely communication with the Trustees for the maintenance and
upkeep of the facilities that support the children and youth ministries.

Time Commitment:
20 hours a week
o Meeting with lead pastor on a weekly basis
o Arriving at least 30 minutes before any scheduled, or recurring event.
o Overseeing or teaching weekly Sunday School classes.
o Coordinating and participating in regularly scheduled youth events.
A one-year commitment renewable at yours and the pastor/elders’ discretion annually.

1. To demonstrate a growing commitment to Christ based on a strong biblical foundation.
2. To prioritize your personal spiritual health and that of your family’s (if applicable).
3. To maintain an attitude of prayer, humility, thanksgiving, generosity, creativity and love,
by seeking Christ and the fellowship of His people.
4. To provide evidence of spiritual and practical gifting needed for effective ministry to
children and youth.
5. To demonstrate a relational ministry style, including the ability to servant lead others
involved in this ministry.
6. To be an appropriate role model in both your personal and professional life.
7. To commit to membership and regular attendance at Christ Community Church;
8. To express theological compatibility with CCC and its statement of faith, built on a solid
commitment to the authority of Scripture.
9. To demonstrate an attitude of creative initiative, striving to bring vision, innovation, and
effectiveness to the children and youth ministries.
10. To exhibit strong organizational skills and the ability to coordinate multiple volunteers
and their related tasks.
11. To be willing to undergo a background check at the discretion of the Elders.

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