Youth Director Position

Baptist Church of Northville

Our Primary Goal:
Our primary goal is to glorify God by finding a godly and gifted man to fill the position of
Youth Director for The Baptist Church of Northville (1 Cor. 10:31).
Position Description:
The Youth Director will be responsible for overseeing junior and senior high youth
ministries. He will report directly to the pastor and work under the supervision of the
board of elders. Duties will include:
 Teaching the Scriptures at weekly youth group gathering
 Evangelizing unbelieving students
 Helping facilitate discipleship of believing students
 Organizing and building the student ministry volunteer team
 Outreach to other students in the Northville area
 Planning of special events for evangelism and discipleship of students
 Additional aspects of the ministry of the church on occasion
Position Requirements:
Our expectation is that the Youth Director would be gifted by God and competent to
teach the Scriptures. He must seek to rightly divide the Word of Truth, giving the
authorial intent of the passage, along with the timeless truths it contains, and then
properly apply those principles to the lives of the students.
Additionally, the Youth Director will receive regular discipleship from the pastor and
should be striving to exhibit those qualification necessary for eldership within Christ’s
Church as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9:

a. Above reproach
b. Husband of one wife
c. Temperate
d. Prudent
e. Respectable
f. Hospitable
g. Able to teach
h. Not addicted to wine
i. Not pugnacious
j. Gentle
k. Uncontentious
l. Free from the love of money
m. Not fond of sordid gain

n. A good manager of his household
o. One who has his children under
control with dignity
p. Not a new convert
q. One who has a good reputation
outside the church
r. Self-controlled
s. Sensible
t. Able to exhort in sound doctrine
and to refute those who contradict
u. Above reproach as God’s steward
v. Not self-willed
w. Not quick-tempered

x. Loving what is good, just, and

The Youth Director must agree doctrinally with the church’s Statement of Faith as well
as have agreement with the pastor and elders both doctrinally and as it pertains to
philosophy of ministry.
Ministry Context
The Baptist Church of Northville is located in Northville, New York. We are about an
hour north-west of Albany, in the lower region of the Adirondack Mountains. The
landscape is beautiful and has many opportunities for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing,
skiing and other outdoor activities. The Village of Northville is small with a population of
around 1,100 people, but very quaint and located at the northern part of the Great
Sacandaga Lake.
Because of the close-knit nature of our community, our junior and senior high youth
ministries are well attended but have definite opportunity for growth and further
development under more focused leadership. In addition, we have a building equipped
with a kitchen, meeting/dining area, along with a gym that serves as our primary youth
ministry location.
The church itself has been in the village since 1802. Our motto is “We Preach Christ!”
from the Apostle Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 1:23. We have benefited from the
regular, expository preaching of God’s Word, faithful pastoral ministry, and the many
committed members that give of their time and gifts for the building up of the body. By
God’s grace this church has held fast to the Gospel and we look forward to years of
fruitful service for His glory.
We are confident and prayerful that our youth ministry has opportunity to grow and
flourish under a godly leader and teacher who can devote the effort to it that it deserves.
If you are interested in learning more or applying for the position, please email Pastor
Andrew Larson at
The church website is

To apply for this job please visit