Executive Director – Blue Mtn. Christian Retreat

Website Blue Mountain Christian Retreat

If interested, contact Bob and Helen Miller at rhmiller@ptd.net

Qualifying Period: Six Month Probationary Period

Experience: Minimum 5 years in management

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Must be responsible to direct, oversee and review and implement the total operation, performance, productivity and efficiency of the organization coordinating and monitoring all of the aspects of the ministry at BMCR
  • Evaluate the success of the programs and procedures, define and plan with short and long range objectives, plans and policies and to integrate and implement programs to reflect and develop BMCR’s
    • Vision & Goals
    • Policies &   Procedures
  • Strategize plans, monitor the workings of various departments involved in the daily operations to ensure that BMCR’s standards are met and to implement improvements in all areas of the ministry using written and/or verbal guest evaluations and surveys as well as researching current trends in the Camp/Conference Ministry. Reviewing existing policies on a regular basis for effectiveness
  • Integrate new procedures that address improvements and upkeep of any current organizational systems
  • Oversee total operation of IT software management, including accounting program and all aspects dealing with the daily operation of BMCR
  • Oversee marketing and communication plans
  • Oversee the development and management of the website and social media platforms using information and technology skills
  • Selecting and integrating programs and procedures that are conducive to the needs of the operation of the ministry
  • Organize effective financial practices and procedures to ensure fiscal responsibility and timely reporting. Evaluate, maximize and oversee all areas of revenue income having the lead responsibility for safeguarding the assets of BMCR – generating reports of such for the bi-annual board meetings
  • Ensuring on going transparency with the Board about the Camp’s finances
  • Implementing policies for growth
  • Managing operations and staff (Directing the staff by setting the spiritual tone at BMCR by providing guidance, counseling, discipleship and discipline if required.)
  • Supervising staff in areas of adhering to rules, regulations and policies of BMCR.
  • Evaluate staff needs – supervision, direction, leadership and resources both spiritually and in the realm of business
  • Anticipate, understand and respond to the needs of the guests on the grounds and in all means of communication with them
  • Perform duties maintaining confidentiality and discretion in all business/ministry and personal dealings
  • Establish the pricing for each season based on budget and to present for board approval.
  • Assess the organization’s staffing needs anticipating and planning expansion and/or reduction of employee population
  • Overseeing the hiring and management of seasonal and longer‐term staff
  • Overseeing the development of all publications ‐ stationery, brochures, mailings and all printed matter in support of BMCR

Knowledge and experience in:

  • organizational effectiveness operations management
  • principles and practices project management
  • financial and accounting principles and practices
  • human resource principles and practices

Key Competencies:

  • Self‐motivated individual with a strong decisive leadership skill set and ability to influence
  • Skills required: Management – Organizational –
  • Critical thinking – Problem solving
  • Well-developed team builder, and conflict manager
  • High social intelligence
  • Business acumen, particularly in the area of budget development, fiscal control and basic accounting skills
  • Working knowledge of property/facilities management, building construction, operations and building maintenance
  • Working knowledge of marketing and promotion
  • Competent working knowledge of Microsoft Office, knowledge and experience with programs dealing with accounting and hospitality would be an asset
  • Planning and organizing
  • Decision making
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Delegation   –   Negotiation   –  Adaptability    –
  • Stress tolerance
  • Valid Driver’s License

General Qualifications:

  • Must have a true born‐again experience with a living, active relationship with Jesus Christ, exhibiting a godly lifestyle
  • Must have a love and desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly
  • Must have experienced or be open to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • Must have knowledge of the Lordship of Jesus Christ; His principles and precepts set forth in the word of God, talking in spiritual maturity and discerning of spiritual things.
  • Must have a servant’s attitude in leadership placing others ahead of self.
  • Must be in agreement with BMCR’s Doctrinal Statement, Personal Principles, Practices, Policies and Procedures.
  • Must have a willingness to subject oneself to the governing authority of the Board of BMCR.
  • Must orchestrate, attend and perform leadership role in scheduled staff meetings.
  • Must have a desire to see the guests experience the full knowledge of salvation, healing and the delivering power of Jesus while spending time in His presence here at BMCR.

To apply for this job email your details to rhmiller@ptd.net